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May 18, 2017

Which Session To Use? - Rapid Psychological Reprogramming

Melanie B - 5:48 PM

This article will help you to understand more about how to use the sessions to create new beliefs. You will learn which Rapid Psychological Reprogramming Session to use for any affirmation or intention you've chosen to create your new belief. See how easy creating new beliefs and changing your personality can be.

Here are some examples of which session to use and some other tips for each of these affirmations.

I achieve financial freedom with complete ease.
You will use any financial affirmation with the Physical Sessions along with visualization of you attracting money.

I learn about investing.
If you need energy to go and learn any subject you will use the Energetic Session because it's all about doing, doing, doing and taking action. Let's say you don't feel like learning or practicing or working but you know you need to to achieve your goal... you will need to create the energy with this session so that you will go and do it. So along with these types of affirmations you will visualize yourself studying, enjoying studying, reading, absorbing information with ease, etc. - these are all (actions) activities.

I have clarity of mind with investments.
Mental Sessions because this has to do with logic and reasoning - which are mental qualities. Visualize yourself making good decisions based on the knowledge you have, using your knowledge (from the learning you received), etc. (By the way, if your intention or affirmation has to do with intuition then you will used the Emotional Sessions.) You could also use the Physical Session for this type of affirmation because you want to be cautious (use caution) and practical.

I create deep and lasting positive changes in my life.
Use the Energetic Sessions because it is also about confidence. Visualize yourself confident that you are creating lasting positive changes.

It's easy finding clients who want my services.
Use the Energetic Sessions because it is about confidence. Visualize yourself confident that you will find clients or have a steady stream of clients.

Belief change works for me.
Use the Energetic Sessions because it is about confidence. Visualize yourself confident that the sessions are working and you are successfully changing for the better.
(use the last three beliefs together in the same sessions)

If it doesn't seem to fit with the other sessions then use the Physical Session as a default.

Here is a good tip that will help you to choose which sessions to use....
Each session has a list of keywords that describe an underlying thing that you really want.

When you want financial freedom the underlying thing you want is money - use the Physical Session.
When you want to make good choices the underlying thing you want is being practical and cautious - use the Physical Session.
When you need to take an action the underlying thing you need is energy and confidence - use the Energetic Session.

So for each affirmation simply ask yourself what is it that I really want? You should be able to find a keyword that matches or is similar to what you really want. Whichever category (session) that keyword is found under that is the session you will use.

I hope these tips will help you to figure out which sessions to use with your affirmations. If you've subscribed to The Rapid Psychological Reprogramming Sessions already you can contact me if you still need help.

Also, you can use the same visualizations or extremely similar ones you've used for another session, for example with the Energetic and Physical Sessions when they they seem to overlap. This is also good because this way you will balance out the energies. Too much of one energy isn't necessarily a great idea. For example, if you use the Energetic Sessions only and very often you may become too aggressive. Being aggressive is good in certain situations but bad in others. You don't want to become short tempered with family or in business relationships.

Also, remember to use several similar intentions or affirmations at the same time plus others that you think will be beneficial during each session so as to build up the collective energies around them. Let's say you want to create for yourself a higher vibration of financial success. Each financial affirmation has a similar vibration. When you create a belief of financial success you create a vibrational energy within you that helps to support that belief. That's all the sessions are doing really. They help to create a vibrational shift that supports the belief.

May 7, 2017

Newest Testimonials - May 7, 2017

Melanie B - 4:11 PM

Here are some testimonials I've been collecting. I've also posted them on the Testimonials page.

The Rapid Psychological Reprogramming Sessions

"Always amazing experience and energy from this system are outstanding!!"
~ gavina101 on Fiverr (April 29, 2017)

Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine with Solomon Seals Testimonials

"I also wanted to share some very interesting unexpected results from using the manifestation machine with the Solomon Seals and other codes.
I was working two machines simultaneously for: 1. love and romance with a particular person and, 2. energy, charisma, success, easing worry for myself, alternating these codes.

Unexpectedly, all within the week of beginning the machines the following things happened:

1. I was walking down the street thinking "wouldn't it be great if I found some cash on the sidewalk". Within 20 seconds, I looked down and saw two ten dollar bills that someone had dropped! And I hadn't even been running any money or prosperity codes!
2. My 15 year old daughter started noticing her sleep was deeper and she no longer needed melatonin to maintain a deep sleep. I was not even working on her, just myself!
3. A fungal issue around my toenails that I was treating with tea tree and other topicals suddenly got dramatically better. I had been "thinking" that I should hire you to do energy work on this issue, but it suddenly almost completely healed on its own.

I was impressed by all of these results. In terms of the love codes, I've found the Bring Lovers Closer together is working nicely."
~ Chris M. (April 29, 2017)

May 5, 2017

Testimonial - Energy Healing Sessions for A Special Case

Melanie B - 5:59 PM

This is a testimonial I've received from a very nice lady I've been working with for quite a while now. She gets extremely stressed because of her current life situation. She is being bullied by the people in her small town, in the church, by her landlord and neighbors, by social workers who don't do their job, and the list goes on and on. As you can imagine all of these injustices are something that would be difficult for anyone to handle.

She suffers from severe fatigue, exhaustion and sometimes she has trouble just trying to do the little things that we all take for granted like getting out of bed, taking out the trash, cooking, cleaning, etc. She has many fears and stresses that we're working on. Her anxiety is much more severe than the majority of the people I work with.

I asked her what she feels when I do energy healing for her... "Can I ask you, do you notice any energy (sometimes) when I'm doing energy healing? Do you notice a boost in energy, ever, when I do it?"

And here is her reply...

"Yes....I do. Then it peaks off and I go back to EXHAUSTION and BRAIN fog and fatigue.

When I do feel the energy surge through and course through my body and my whole entire being..... that's when I hurry up and get up and take full advantage of it.

When my body SURGES up with the energies that you're sending me I get up....

And I try to go on turbo mode and cook and clean take out the trash care for [my son] and I...... meditate [deleted].....

And I noticed my mind becomes lazer sharp Aware....

When my brain is able to Zen and focus like that..... is when I hurry up and try to go to a place where I can be alone and meditate and chant and pray to God and communicate with angels

It's just once it's done and gone I feel like I have a caffeine crash physically and mentally and emotionally."

~ B. Singer

I edited her reply just a little for typos.

Everyone reacts a little differently to my energy healing so I can't guarantee that everyone will be affected in this way. I'm just happy that it does help her to function.

January 25, 2017

The Rapid Psychological Reprogramming Sessions

Melanie B - 10:30 AM

Change Your Personality, Install New Beliefs and Achieve Your Goals

The Rapid Psychological Reprogramming sessions are an energy healing method that you can use to change your personality, create and install new beliefs and achieve your goals. Meditation is not involved and there are no techniques to learn. Instead, you will simply visualize what it is you want and the sessions will give extra energy to your intentions which will help to substantially speed up the length of time it takes to manifest your goals.

The sessions that you will be using with this product are totally automatic, meaning you can do them yourself whenever you have a small amount of time to spare. The sessions are quick, taking only about 3-4 minutes at a time.

Benefits of Rapid Psychological Reprogramming
Change Your Personality
Boost Your Character
Program or Reprogram Your Mind
Remove Negative Traits
Create the desire you need to achieve your goals
Achieve more goals, more easily
Create new beliefs about yourself
Use Just About Any Affirmations You Can Think Of
Become Naturally and Easily Successful in all areas of your life
You will remain wide awake and alert during the sessions

Change Your Personality
The Rapid Psychological Reprogramming sessions will help you to increase the quality of your character. You will become a better person in many ways. Whatever quality you can think of you can most likely have with the help of these sessions.

A quality is any non-physical aspect of self such as self-confidence, a high self-esteem, the quality of being a good person who helps others, being reliable, etc.

You will be able to work with any quality you want as much as you want and whenever you want. You can do this yourself any time of the day or night with the help of The Rapid Psychological Reprogramming sessions.

You already possess many qualities some of which you may not even realize you have. You just need to learn to express those qualities. You need to work with them to help them to grow and become more a part of your daily life in a way that you begin to actually recognize those qualities in yourself.

See the charts below.

The 4 Sessions

The positive qualities are located on the left side in each of these charts. Use the sessions to work with any of these positive qualities. Of course, this list is not complete and you can use any positive quality you can think of.

Each set of qualities has a different session. You can do as many sessions as you want as much as you want... unlimited amount of sessions per month, unlimited number of times per month.

1. Energetic Qualities Session

The Energetic Qualities Session is all about strength, energy, courage, action, and confidence. It will help you to create more physical energy. It can help you to go after your dreams. It will give you the energy to get up and go take the actions needed to move you closer to your goals. It will help you set most of your intentions of creating new circumstances for your life.

Use this session while you visualize what you need energy to do such as working on business advertising, practising sports, enjoying working at your job, getting whatever needs to be done done.

More Keywords: Action/Activity, Work, Daring, Vitality, Eagerness, Energetic, Strength, Courageous, Confidence

2. Mental Qualities Session

The Mental Qualities Session is all about thought, the intellect, reason, logic

More Keywords: Thought, Mental Power, Abstract Thinking, Teaching, Cooperation, Intelligence, Quick, Clever, Having Wisdom, Articulate, Humor, Pleasure

3. Emotional Qualities Session

More Keywords: Peace, Unconditional Love, Compassion, Pure Emotional Understanding, Healing, Rest, Passive, Sensitive, Reflective, Intuition, Serene, Calming, Adaptable, Fluid, Nurturing, Giving, Caring

4. Physical Qualities Session

The Physical Qualities Session is about all of the ways of being a responsible adult, basically. An adult is reliable, cautious, responsible, has patience, has self-accountability, is persistent, is grounded, etc. An adult also has to make money to take care of himself/herself and family so this session should be used to create beliefs around Wealth and Finances. Use affirmations to help create these types of beliefs.

More Keywords: Patience, Reliability, Responsibility, Self-Accountability, Being Grounded, Cautious, Stability, Security, Considerate, Honesty, Persistence, Endurance, Stamina, Firmness, Resolution, Able to Manifest Needs, Prosperity, Wealth, Finance

Want more Confidence? Use the Energetic Qualities Session
Want to be more Adaptive? Use the Emotional Qualities Session
To Become More Reliable... Use the Physical Qualities Session
Etc. (Just look at the charts above.)

Depending on what you want to work on you may only need to use one particular session. For example, if you only wanted to work on confidence you would only work with one session, the Energetic Qualities Session. If you want to work on a different quality then you would use the appropriate session.. for example, if you wanted to become more adaptive you would use the Emotional Qualities session. If you are working on different areas then you may have to use two or more of the sessions depending on what it is.

Make a list of which personality changes will best benefit you in your personal and professional lives. Think of how you can best win friends and influence people. What would make you more successful in relationships and in your career? Everyone wishes they could change something about themselves and these sessions will help you do just that quickly.

Becoming more outgoing, reliable, sociable, courageous, etc., can make you more popular and help you to make friends easily.

Being inventive, creative, productive and having leadership abilities can help you move up the corporate ladder.

Increasing your intellect and becoming more devoted to your studies will help you in school.

You can have all this and much more. Just think, how will having all these positive character traits help you in your life? Your life will certainly be much easier when you can express these qualities without even trying. It will be your natural way of life.

More About Personality Qualities and Traits
The qualities you already possess and express determine the kind of person you are, how you act and how you respond in everyday situations. You have positive as well as negative character traits or qualities. Qualities come in opposites like anger and tranquility or peacefulness.

If you put anger and tranquility on opposite ends of a line you will have a natural inclination to one end of the line (or spectrum) or the other. Your usual temperament will fall somewhere within a range on this line.

Anger *---------------------------------------------* Tranquility

If you are usually cool-headed then when you do become angry it is more likely that you will never become so angry as to get too close to the left end of this line.

Let's say this is your range (above). You will most likely, barring mental illness or extremely high stress levels, never get so angry as to go completely to the dark side or to the far left (to the extreme negative side) of the scale. Someone who's anger range is located to the extreme left side of the scale is someone who is almost always very angry .. and I hope you don't know anyone who falls into that range.

By working with any of the positive qualities using these sessions you will bring your natural temperament, demeanor, character and personality closer to the positive side (and subsequently away from the negative side) and you will become a better person in many ways. Even the person who is very angry a lot of the time can change him or herself with these sessions and become a better person.

The more positives you have in your personality the better. To be a success you should rid yourself of all negative traits. If you don't there will be areas of your life where you will not be as successful.

Achieve Your Goals - Create a Burning Desire
Use these sessions to achieve more goals. If you have a goal you will be able to create more desire to complete it.

The burning desire to achieve a goal is the key to successfully achieving that goal.

Desire keeps you going even if you begin to have doubts or worries.

Whatever you want in your life requires some amount of desire to achieve it. You need this desire to accomplish anything important to you. Anything that is harder to achieve takes even more desire.

The difference between a goal with a strong burning desire and one with not much desire is obvious. Doubts seem minor to the person with a burning desire whereas doubts will usually cause a goal to be abandoned for a person with only a small amount of desire.

Without a strong desire to reach a goal projects do not get completed. A person who does not complete goals might as well not have any. But all hope is not lost for you if you are one of these types of people.

When you use The Rapid Psychological Reprogramming sessions you will be able to create the burning desire you will need to go after your goals with determination and have success in your life.

Create New Beliefs
At the same time you are working with the sessions for changing your personality and accomplishing goals you will also be creating new beliefs. Whenever you run these sessions you will be installing new beliefs into your subconscious mind. You will use your imagination to create these beliefs. Just about any belief you want to create can be yours.

How The Rapid Psychological Reprogramming Sessions Help You To Manifest Your Desires and Goals

The Secret to Manifesting Anything is Belief

Beliefs are powerful and determine the types of circumstances you attract to yourself. Believe that you can accomplish anything and you can. Believe that you can get the job you've always wanted or that you can own a successful business then you can. Have the belief and enough desire and you will accomplish those things.

On the other hand, if you believe you are not worthy of something then you will most likely never get it. Believe you can't move ahead in your career then you won't. Believe you are dumb and you will be.

If you don't change your thinking you will continue to remain stuck in the position you are in. Only when you change these beliefs to more empowering ones will you be able to move in the right direction and start manifesting the life and lifestyle that you envision for yourself.

The Rapid Psychological Reprogramming sessions will help you to create new empowering beliefs to replace the old programming stored in your subconscious mind.

How to Manifest Anything

You will program your mind to create and install beliefs so that you can manifest anything.

Create a powerful belief with the help of these sessions and your subconscious mind must manifest it for you. This is how the subconscious mind works.

When you use The Rapid Psychological Reprogramming Sessions to create a belief your subconscious mind begins to work on autopilot and will do whatever it takes to move you closer to the manifestation of your goal. You will begin to have more creativity and increased problem solving abilities if that is what is needed. It will create the right circumstances and attract the right people to you that will help in the accomplishment of your goal. You will begin to have more confidence in yourself and in your abilities. You will also begin to have more energy, in effect, forcibly pushing you to get things done that need to be done for the successful completion of your goal.

There are 5 things you need for successful manifestation. See the image below.

The most amazing thing about The Rapid Psychological Reprogramming sessions is that if you have a goal, whatever it is that you want, the other 4 keys to manifestation will be strengthened so easily that you will be able to manifest it much faster and more easily than just about any other technique out there including meditation and self-hypnosis.

The Rapid Psychological Reprogramming Sessions create the perfect conditions necessary to manifest anything.

These sessions have a tremendous effect on your subconscious mind and when you receive the cooperation of your subconscious mind it can give you whatever you want.

How Your Mind is Programmed

Your mind is programmed by the quality of your thoughts. Because your mind mirrors your mindset you attract to yourself general or specific things that match the types of thoughts you usually focus on. Focus on negative thoughts then eventually negative things will happen to you. Focus on positive thoughts and you will attract positive events and circumstances to yourself.

Sometimes you may attract a mix of positive and negative circumstances. This is because you have some positive and some negative programming stored in your subconscious mind in the form of your beliefs. Negative subconscious beliefs are a part of your subconscious mind's focus and so negative things are attracted to you. You could say that this is why bad things sometimes happen to good people. Sometimes beliefs are created by other people and when we accept these beliefs, sometimes without realizing it, they become a part of our belief system and they have an affect on what types of experiences we have in our lives, good and bad.

When you focus on your goals you are programming your mind to bring you closer to those goals. Using The Rapid Psychological Reprogramming Sessions helps you give your subconscious mind something to focus on. It helps you to tell your subconscious mind exactly what you want in a way that is clear and positive and your subconscious mind begin to mirror this new mindset.

How Thought Forms Work

You create thought forms every day by the types of thoughts you focus on. Your thought forms grow just by thinking the same types of thoughts over and over again. Your focus gives them energy so the longer you focus on a thought the stronger it becomes. The more you think about a grilled cheese sandwich the more you may want it. This thought form may continue to grow and you will crave it more and more or it can fizzle out if the thought form is not strong enough.

Thought forms can also be created on purpose to do certain tasks. This is how I created many of the projects I have available including The Rapid Psychological Reprogramming sessions. These types of thought forms are the same as any other but they are created on purpose and programmed just like you would program computer software.

How You Can Manifest Your Goals Faster

The sessions help to program or reprogram your mind.

The thought form I've created gives extra focusing power or strength to whatever (thought form) is held in your mind. So whatever you focus on during the session is the belief that you will create, whether it be a personality trait or a goal. Your subconscious mind will easily accept the new belief much faster than meditation or hypnosis or just about any other way.

How the Sessions Work
The Rapid Psychological Reprogramming sessions includes what I call energy healing "sessions." There are 4 sessions you will have access to work with. They work similarly to a remote energy healing that you would get from me or any other type of energy healer except these sessions are totally automatic with the help of a special energy ball thought form that I've created. These sessions work the same as my Vision Improvement sessions where you will login to this website to begin the session.

How to Use the Sessions to Change Your Personality, Accomplish Goals and Install Beliefs

The way you will work with any of the sessions is that you have to press a Start button to begin. When you press the start button the session will begin and the Thought-Form Energy Ball will begin to go to work on you and will help you change and improve whichever character trait you've chosen to work with.

You will then imagine yourself doing what it is you want to enhance and behaving in the way you want to behave. You will use creative visualization and you will create an imaginary scene of yourself in your mind the way you want to be as if it is happening right now and in this way you will be installing the belief and creating personality changes. If you've ever done meditation using creative visualization before you will do it in the same way except you do not have to lay down, relax, slow down breathing or heart rate or any of the other steps to meditation.

You will sit (or stand, if you prefer) in front of your computer with eyes open (or closed) and visualize what you want. You will be awake and alert just like you are at any other time of the day.

You will continue with your visualization for 3-4 minutes and then you will press the Stop button. Pressing the Stop button stops the session totally. Then you will wait for a few minutes or so and you will begin to feel a change in your energy body. If you were visualizing yourself doing something physical, usually you will feel an energy rush. If you were visualizing yourself behaving a certain way, like feeling more confident, then you will begin feeling more confident fairly quickly.

If you want to manifest a material item like money, a car, etc., you will visualize those things at the same time. Using the sessions in this way helps you to also attract material things to you because you are programming your subconscious mind to attract positive things such as the idea of abundance as well as material items that you would like to manifest in your life.

You can take a tiny amount of time out of your day to do a session and quickly begin to gain these amazing attributes that will make your life more simple and easy. If you were to do one or several sessions daily for different qualities that you want to change or improve in your life you will make significant changes in a short amount of time.

For each quality or trait that you gain more of you will find your quality of life changing. You really will become a better person. Just look at the list of traits in the charts above on the Positive side. There are many more qualities that are not on this list that you could also work with.

You must make sure that whichever quality or trait you choose you must also choose the correct session that complements that trait or you will just be wasting your time. If there is a trait that you would like to work with that is not on my list and you cannot figure out which session to use you can contact me and I will help you.

When you purchase The Rapid Psychological Reprogramming sessions you will also learn how to change a negative trait into a more positive one.

Becoming More Productive
An Example of How to Use the Sessions to Change your Personality

Here is an example of how you can use the sessions to become more productive.

To become more productive you must move away from procrastination.

Procrastination *------------------>-----------------* Productive

You will use the Energetic Qualities Session to become more productive. During the session you will imagine yourself being more productive in many ways, in all the ways you wish to be productive. Let's say you wish to do more homework, study more, get more work done on the computer, do the dishes and laundry, etc., see yourself doing all of these things for about 3-4 minutes, for the full duration of the session.

After the time is up press the Stop button and wait a while until you feel the changes. You will begin to feel like you have a rush of energy. You will feel like you should be doing something, either whatever it is your were visualizing or something else that you may have been putting off. In this way you have almost instantly made changes to your personality. You will realize how you are moving towards being productive and how you procrastinating a lot less.

Continue to do this session over and over until this is your normal everyday way of life and you will be able to achieve many of the goals you've set for yourself.

Purchase Today!
Visit this link to gain access to these sessions.

June 10, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions - Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine

Melanie B - 11:49 PM

Here are a list of questions that are asked frequently about the Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine and how it works, how to set it up correctly, etc.

The Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine works by 90-95% energy ball and programming and 5-10% faith/belief. Someone who is not open minded and blocks any success they could have had by totally disbelieving in the machine will probably have very little success if any at all. Someone who is open minded but with a little doubt will probably have success with the machine. And someone with lots of faith should have lots of success.

The Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine and Healing Machine
Q: What is the difference between the Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine and the other Paper Radionics Machine?

A: The Manifestation Machine will help you to manifest any intention you can think of. Some users have also effectively used it for healing of certain health conditions.

The other machine I offer is the Paper Radionics Machine for Healing which is specifically for healing of different physical conditions.

You can use the Healing Machine for healing whatever it is you want healed and then use the Manifestation Machine for everything else (whatever you want to manifest into your life).

Important Links:
Healing Machine
Manifestation Machine (find all payment links at the bottom of the page)

If you want to get the Solomon Seals codes with your machine purchase the Manifestation Machine with Talisman Seals. You will receive the Solomon Seals codes by email after you purchase.

Subscribe Today using these links:
Use these Paypal Links to purchase your machine subscription.

Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine (without Solomon/Talisman Seals) - Click here to purchase
With this purchase you will receive the following:
Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine
Energy Manifestation Card
The Booster Symbol
All Codes Listed
Infusion 4.0 Cards (located at this link)

Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine with Solomon/Talisman Seals - Click here to purchase
With this purchase you will receive the following:
Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine
Energy Manifestation Card
The Booster Symbol
All Codes Listed
Solomon Seals Codes (located at this link)
Infusion 4.0 Cards (located at this link)

Paper Radionics Machine for Healing (located at this link - purchase links located at the bottom of the page)

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Which machine do I need to purchase to be able to use all the codes?
A: You will need to purchase the Manifestation Machine on this page...

To get the Solomon / Talisman Seals Codes as well you will pay a little bit more so make sure to select the correct payment link. These codes will be emailed after you purchase. You can use this link to purchase the Manifestation Machine with Talisman Seals.

Q: Can I use the machine to help a friend or family member?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I use the machine for more than one wish at a time?
A: Yes. You can print out several machines and run them all at the same time. You can run different things on separate machines.

Q: Can I use my own intention with the machine?
A: Yes. You can write out whatever you want to manifest with or without using the codes but the codes can help boost the power of your manifestations. (The codes can help you manifest things faster.) You can ask for anything you want.

Q: Can I print the machine smaller?
A: Yes. Print them any size you like. You can also print several on one sheet of paper.

Q: Can the intention be written outside of the box?
A: Yes. The intention can be hanging outside of the box. Whatever you have written on the slip of paper will be included in your manifestation. This way you can have a longer intention on one slip of paper.

Q: Can I write multiple codes on one slip of paper?
A: Yes. You can have several codes on one slip of paper.

Q: How many codes on one machine are too many? Does putting a lot of codes on the machine diminish the strength?
A: No. Put as many codes as you want on the machine. It won't diminish the strength.

Q: Can I write the manifestation codes and Solomon Seals codes together on one machine?
A: Yes. You can use both at the same time on one slip of paper and you can stack multiple slips of paper on top of each other on one machine.

Q: Can I stack multiple codes and/or intentions and images on top of each other?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I stack multiple machines on top of each other?
A: Honestly, I really don't know if that would work well. I've never tried stacking them on top before. I like to make sure they each have their own space. Here is an idea though. You could print out smaller machines so that they don't take up as much space. Then if you print 4 of them on one piece of paper (which you could laminate, if you wanted to) and place small slips of paper on each area you will have 4 machines in one folder, with none of them touching the other.

Q: Can I place the machine in a drawer to get it out of the way when people come over?
A: Yes. You can place it in a folder and in a drawer. I would suggest you keep it on top of everything else in the drawer.

Q: Can I tape my intentions/slips of paper to the machine? Can I tape everything down? Can I weigh it down with something else?
A: Yes. This is a good idea especially if you move your machine often or if you keep it out in the open and you don't want the slips of paper to fly away by mistake. You can tape them or weigh them down with coins or something else that is kind of heavy.

Q: How long should I leave my intention on the machine? How long do I let it run?
A: Almost all the codes can be left all day and night. You can leave the codes on the machine until your wish manifests, basically. Leaving your intention on the machine all the time won't hurt.

There are a few codes you do not want to run all the time... the Physical Energy codes and the Restful Sleep code. Only run the Physical Energy codes during the day or when you want more energy. Only run the Restful Sleep code at night for about 30 minutes to an hour (if after trying 30-60 minutes and it still isn't strong enough you can use it longer but be careful).

The Restful Sleep code can be very powerful and if you leave it on too long you may
a) sleep too hard - it can relax your muscles very strongly
b) have trouble waking up
c) be groggy and tired during the day

Q: What else can I do to make my manifestations stronger and faster?
A: You can take some time each day or every other day contemplating and going over your intentions and it will be strengthened even more. Stand over or sit in front of your machine and always think positively while you do it. Think of it as a type of prayer. When you're done leave the machine alone and try to relax your mind by doing other things so that it can work.

Q: I understand that my wishes may not come true within the first few days but how long before my manifestations manifest?
A: I can't say for sure how long it will take. It could be a few days or a few weeks for smaller things to manifest. For your bigger wishes, where several things must come together in just the right way, it may take months.

Q: How many Booster Symbols should I use with the machine?
A: You can use as many as you like. Test them and see what happens. The more you use the stronger the machine will work and possibly the faster your wishes will manifest.

Q: Is it normal to feel a tiny ounce of warmth from the spiral portion of the machines?
A: Yes. It is real energy that works the machine. It can feel like warmth, coolness, or tingling.

Q: I just hope the Mercury retrograde is not causing the machines to work slower…do moon cycles slow down the function of the machines as well??
A: No, I don't believe moon cycles have an effect on it but your beliefs about moon cycles might. Remember, beliefs are important as well but don't dwell on it. Try to put it out of your mind and just allow the machine to work.

Q: Leaving both our names on in each of the boxes (this question was specifically about a love manifestation) won't drain our energy/brain power would it?
A: Yes leave your names on it. The machine does not use your energy. The energy ball does all the work so it will not drain your energy either.

Q: Can I print the machines in black and white or does it have to be in color?
A: You can print the machines in black and white or in color. Either way your machine will work exactly the same.

Q: Do I have to purchase to use the machine to use it?
A: Yes, otherwise the machine will not work properly. You may get the opposite of what you want and cause all manners of trouble. I did not do this intentionally to the machine but this has happened before. I received a message once from someone who did not subscribe and purchase the machine and he said that the opposite of what he asked for happened. He wanted to attract a girl that he liked but instead of attracting her she got really angry at him. I'm still a little surprised that this happened. He said something else bad happened but I can't remember what it was.


Code Questions

Persuasion Code
The persuasion code will help the person you use it on be more open to doing what you want. They may be more open to listen to what it is you want of them or it may make them become more helpful to you. I guess depending on who you are using it on... if you know the person then you can probably be more specific but if you don't know them you may want to use more of a general request. Of course, you can always test both to see what happens whether you know the person or not.

Q: Once we start the intention the person will start having a general desire to do the thing we ask before we even ask it?
A: Yes, it is possible.

Q: Does the code act to plant a seed in the person's mind to do what we want, so that when we want it done, they're much more open to the idea?
A: Yes.


Healing Machine Questions

Q: How long do I leave these 2 pieces of paper on this machine for a few hours or a few days? And is leaving it on there too long a bad idea?
A: Leave them on the machine as long as you like. It won't hurt you to let it continue to run. If you or someone else seems to become uncomfortable you can stop running them for a while. If the problem you are trying to heal goes away you can stop running them. You can run them for hours, days, weeks, etc.

April 20, 2015

Using The Vision Improvement Sessions to Improve your Vision to 20/20

Melanie B - 12:50 AM
"How much will my eyesight improve in 1 month?"

People email me this question fairly often so I decided to write a quick article explaining the process you will need to take to potentially improve your vision to 20/20 vision and how long it might take.

View Detailed information about The Vision Improvement Sessions.

How long will it take? It depends on your current vision. If your vision isn't too bad and if you don't currently wear prescription lenses you can potentially strengthen your vision to 20/20 so that you don't need to buy prescription lenses.

If you do wear prescription lenses and you want to strengthen your vision until they are no longer needed you will have to get lower prescription eyeglasses (it is usually called "stepped-down" glasses) and continue the sessions until you can see clearly out of them.

So for example, if you were to get a pair of eyeglasses that are .25 diopters lower than your current prescription you could probably see clearly out of them within about 3 hours (maybe a little more or less). As you continue to do this (it will take some time) you could potentially and incrementally improve your vision to 20/20.

There is a great website where you can get really cheap eyeglasses that could help you do this without breaking the bank... They have eyeglasses for $6.95 per pair for very basic glasses. You could get several pairs to start off and run the Vision Improvement Sessions until you can see clearly out of each.

So let's say your prescription is -4.00 diopters and you want to improve your vision to -3.25. You would need, just as an example, 3 new pairs of glasses, -.25, -.50 and -.75, lower than your current prescription. In this example, you would need lenses with the following prescriptions... -3.75, -3.50 and -3.25. Starting with the strongest pair, -3.75, you will run the sessions for a while until you can see clearly out of them. You may want to run the sessions without wearing your glasses for some time and then put them on every once in a while to try to gauge how much longer it will take before you can see clearly out of them. The reason why you may want to do this is just to relax your eyes while you wait for your vision to get clearer. The sessions work faster when you are not straining your eyes so this could quicken the process. Then you will move on to the next pair, -3.50 diopters, until you can see clearly out of them. Continue doing this until you can see out of your lowest prescription eyeglasses.

Continue getting lower prescription eyeglasses until you are down to 20/20 vision.

Of course, you can buy glasses in larger increments, for example -.50 diopters, at a time. In this case you would need prescriptions at -3.50, -3.00 and -2.50. It will take a while longer for the sessions to strengthen your vision by a half diopter though so make sure you have time to go without your stronger prescription glasses.

If you're thinking about trying the Vision Improvement Sessions you may want to test them first before you begin buying several sets of glasses. After you see that the sessions work you can then plan to buy several lower powered, or stepped-down, glasses at a time and begin your journey to 20/20 vision.


The above information is only meant to be an example of the possibility to obtain 20/20 vision. I do not guarantee any user of the sessions will gain 20/20 or better vision. The time frame I use may not be possible for all users. In each specific case it may take much longer to improve vision by .25 diopters. I use in my examples a timeframe of 3 hours but it could take a person several more hours for this amount of improvement. The reason being that each person's eyes are different... the way you use your eyes are different. Some people strain their eyes significantly daily depending on the type of job they have or the amount of stress they are under, etc. If you take care not to strain your eyes throughout the day the time it takes to improve your vision will increase. Please keep this in mind when using the sessions.

The reason I created the Vision Improvement sessions is to keep my vision and those of the people close to me from deteriorating, to keep them from having to get stronger prescriptions every 6 months to a year or sooner. It was not created with the purpose of getting anyone to 20/20 vision.

I have not yet tried getting my prescription down because I don't have the time or inclination at this point. I have too many other things to do that it is not at the top of my list of priorities. Do I think it is possible to improve vision so that you can begin to get weaker glasses? Yes, definitely. Do I think you can improve vision to 20/20? Yes, definitely. Has anyone tried it yet? No.

A lot goes into trying to improve vision. You have to get weaker sets of eyeglasses as you go. You have to keep getting new prescriptions which can be very expensive. If you work or are very busy then it will take some time to do these things. It is not a quick fix or process. If someone were to try it they would have to spend a good amount of time and money.

The energy ball I created for this project has a fail-safe included. That is, it will not run all day long or for days, weeks, etc. The eyeball can only make a certain amount of change at a time. After a short time the eyeball needs rest and time to acclimate to the changes. What happens is that the energy will at some point make a decision to stop running the energy into the eye when it has had enough. Now, the way I have the sessions setup, you can tell the energy to stop before it does on its own but if you don't stop it manually it will stop on its own at some point.

Usually, when I use the session I only run it for about 15-20 minutes at a time. After this amount of time I can feel the pressure very strongly in the eyeball and my vision has improved to where my vision is sharp again and I can see objects very far away easily, without straining. I only use the session when needed, especially after reading or working on the computer for long periods of time without rest. These activities put a lot of strain on the eyes. If I did not either do these sessions or some kind of eye exercises I would need a new pair of glasses every week. That seems quite excessive but I've had it happen before. My prescription is already quite high and I could not allow this to continue. Not only is this very expensive but it is dangerous for the health of the eyes. The higher your prescription the more chance you have of serious eye damage like retinal detachment.

If you were to try to lower your prescription with weaker glasses I recommend getting the special eyeglasses where you can adjust your prescription a little at any time. You must be careful to make sure that you always lower it and never make it stronger than your current eyeglasses. And always follow the precautions that come with those glasses. Mainly I'm talking about not driving with them on.

Because of the fail-safe you will not be able to start the session and think that in a few hours, while you sleep or something, or in a few days that you will miraculously open your eyes and have 20/20 vision.

April 5, 2015

The Booster Symbol for Powerful Manifestations

Melanie B - 8:38 PM
I've created an update to the Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine that will help to boost the power of your manifestations.

When you purchase you will receive instructions on how to make your machine stronger. By placing this new item I've named The Booster Symbol on your machine it can be strengthened. For each Booster Symbol that is added to your machine you will double the power of the machine thereby adding more energy to your intentions. It is especially good for manifesting money and other opportunities that you are trying to attract to yourself. For some of you, you may need a stronger machine so that is what this update attempts to do. Certain situations call for added extra energy so use them especially where business and money is concerned.

You can use The Booster Symbol with any code and with your own intentions. You can use several Booster Symbols at the same time for even more powerful manifestations.

So, if you are already subscribed to the service you can try them right away. I have emailed everyone who is already subscribed with the information needed to make this new addition work. If you are subscribed and I have not sent you the email please contact me and I will send it right away.
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