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January 21, 2014

Bacteria, Virus, and Fungal Infection Healing Service

Melanie B - 5:20 PM

Do you have any type of infection resulting from bacteria, virus, or fungus?

My new service helps to heal you or your loved ones of any infection such as the flu, colds, and any illness that is caused by virus, bacteria, and fungi - any blood-borne pathogens. These infections can usually be healed instantly or in a couple of hours.This service also includes healing of nerve pain from decayed teeth.

I've had some great successes in these areas already and I would love to help you as well. I helped a friend get over the flu recently. By the next day he stated "the infection is no longer active." He had been dealing with this virus for a few days before I did energy healing for him so he was already having all the symptoms that usually comes with a flu or cold. After the infection (the germs) were killed off he still needed time to get rid of all the leftover symptoms. If I had done the energy healing for him early before the virus got too bad he wouldn't have had all the symptoms and he would have been feeling totally better within a few hours or by the next day.

If you happen to catch a cold or flu I urge you not to wait so that you can be healed right away.

You can purchase this for yourself or for anyone else who needs help. This includes your pets as well.

View these articles for stories of how I helped heal bacterial and viral infections:
Stopped Tooth Pain Instantly - Killed Bacteria Instantly (where I healed the bacteria that feed on the pulp of the tooth as well as an abscess caused by the decayed tooth)
Healed a Friend and Mother of the Flu and Cold Virus

Also please take a look at my Squidoo page on tooth decay entitled, How I Relieved Tooth Decay Toothache Instantly and How You Can Too, for more information and thoughts on this subject.

I would like to note that there are lots of things that I have not been able to test yet including Yeast-type Candida infections such as thrush, genital yeast infections in both woman and men, and other of these types of fungal infections. Since these are considered fungal infections I'm pretty sure that energy healing can have a beneficial effect.

Other Information
Tooth Pain: If you are having tooth pain I can help to heal the bacteria on the tooth, which eats at the nerve causing terrible pain, and I can help heal nerve and pulp pain inside the tooth and in the gums caused or not caused by bacteria. If you still have pain after I do the first healing session it is most likely caused by anything that touches the exposed nerve or it can be caused by an abscess beneath the tooth.

Flu or Cold: If you are dealing with the flu or cold virus and you are already experiencing symptoms soon after the first healing session you will find that you are feeling better. Once the virus is killed off your immune system will be able to strengthen quickly and symptoms will begin to disappear in just a few short hours and totally usually by the next day. If you are dealing with phlegm in the lungs please note that it may take some days to cough up everything even when the virus has already been killed off.

Bacteria and Virus: If you have a bacterial or viral infection and probably fungal infection you may need more than one 5 day session. I have a customer who purchases once every month to help battle herpes. This virus is a tough one so it has been an ongoing fight but it seems to be working very well. Last month he said his breakout was so minor that he wasn't sure if it was even a breakout.

Infection Healing Reviews

AWESOME ... HAS TO BE THE BEST ON FIVERR!!!! HOW I HADN'T FOUND HER IDK . Amazing I've NEVER has a Sinus infection get better so quickly I praise her and and BEYOND Thankful to have been led to her. THANKS THE HIGHER SPIRIT! The BEST!!!
~ anewkat

Thank you Universal Signs! I asked for energy work on my Mom, and after months of being run down, she went out for a haircut, felt almost no pain, and was able to be social with the family the entire day. I'd recommend and I will use Universal Signs again.
~ ummyyummychef

Thank you again for your service, you go all out to get it done platclar
~ platclar

Excellent to work with, genuine at heart & pleased with the results.
~ shahjahan

Wonderful. Thank you b
~ fabulousfabio

Tooth Pain Reviews

Thank you for your healing sessions, what you do is amazing. The pain is subsiding. Will back again.
~ latiff

I am a repeat customer as I've been dealing with some painful dental issues on the left side of my mouth. I have not had a chance to get to the dentist. After Melanie performs the healing on the affected area the pain substantially decreased. It is AMAZING. Give it a try!
~ phmassa

I ordered this Mon or Tues when my pain and abscess returned to me a month later. Right away I knew who to go to for healing! With a day or so the swelling is down and pain has subsided. To say amazing would be an understatement. Repeat buyer for a reason!!
~ binarylove

She is amazing! Swelling going down already and I have just gone throughout my day. Usually, I try all these quirky remedies, such as garlic, salt rinse w/ warm water, ginger tea, etc. Although, with Melanie working on my teeth with her miraculous healing energies I just go thru my day and VOILA!
~ binarylove

Amazing work! In 2 days I have already noticed a drastic reduction in pain with the abscess! I highly recommend this gig!
~ binarylove

Another wonderful healing experience from Melanie. I have an abcessed tooth that was causing extreme pain. After Melanie worked on it the pain has significantly decreased. I am almost pain free & feeling so much better. She offered to work on it a bit more & now I am completely pain free. AMAZING!
~ phmassa

Thank you very much for the great service The tooth pain significantly reduced in a short period of time. Many thanks

Amazing healer! I had throbbing tooth pain & couldn't get to the dentist for a few days. Melanie was quick to reply within minutes of placing the order. She performed the healing & asked for feedback. It took a little time but the pain went away. I am pain free for 2 days now. No joke this is real.
~ phmassa

Tooth Pain Fiverr Reviews

Purchase Today
Purchase Securely with PayPal

Payment Options:
5 Daily Sessions for $5 - I will work on the infection twice per day for 5 days.
5 Daily Sessions - 4 times per day for $11 - I will work on the infection 4 times per day for 5 days for even faster results.
Monthly Daily Sessions - 1 time per day for $30 - I will work on the infection twice per day every day for a full month.
Monthly Daily Sessions - 4 times per day for $45 - I will work on the infection 4 times per day for a full month for even faster results.

Certain infections will usually be healed either within a few hours of me starting energy healing on the infection or within a couple days to a week. More serious issues will take longer and you should choose the monthly sessions for best results.

For infections such as flu, cold or fungus your immune system will need some time to begin to get rid of any current symptoms. You will begin feeling better usually the same day but please give your body a few days to possibly a week to clean up the aftermath of symptoms. For fungus on the skin or in the nails please be aware that it may take weeks to fully heal.

Please add the type of infection (and area of infection) and the name and location (city/state) of the person to be healed in the PayPal instructions to buyer area. After purchase I will send you a confirmation email letting you know I've received your order.

Photo Credit: NIAID via Compfight cc

Healed a Friend and Mother of the Flu and Cold Virus

Melanie B - 4:09 PM
Photo Credit: Xavier Donat via Compfight cc

The same day I healed my tooth pain I was able to help a friend who had the flu.

You can read all about how I killed the bacteria that causes toothache from a bad tooth instantly here.

This is the same friend who gave me the idea of how to kill off bacteria in the previous article. It was the same evening on Thursday, January 9, 2014. I had already tried several different ways to heal my tooth pain and he gave me what I believe to be an amazing idea to try out which worked instantly. I'll be honest, I wasn't sure if it would last but it did and the pain never returned.

After all the pain went away and I felt better I asked him if I could try it out on him. The flu is a virus and we both felt that it was worth it to try and kill the virus in basically the same way. So I did the energy healing technique with, mostly, the same intent for about 5-10 minutes and then again about 2 hours later for another 5 minutes. Then we waited a while to see what would happen.

Shortly after he said he was already feeling better with less pressure in his ears.

The next day he said he felt significantly better and that leftover mucus was still draining out of his system so he had to cough some up from time to time. He also said "but the infection is no longer active."

January 20, 2014
My mother began feeling sick with a scratchy throat and tiredness.. all the signs that a cold may be coming so I tried the same technique on her and she began feeling better about 10 minutes later. She felt totally better a few hours later.

These experiments make me believe that I can probably help to heal anyone of virus, bacteria, and fungal infections. See my next post, Bacteria, Virus, and Fungal Infection Healing Service for information on the services offered.

January 15, 2014

Stopped Tooth Pain Instantly - Killed Bacteria Instantly

Melanie B - 12:55 AM
Photo Credit: adwriter via Compfight cc

Here are details of a successful experiment I tried on really bad tooth pain. The really amazing part about this experiment is that what seemed to happen was that I was able to kill(?) the bacteria that caused the pain. If this is the case and I did have some kind of an effect on the bacteria this can turn out to be quite an amazing discovery and a very beneficial service that I can offer others.

Thursday, January 9, 2014
A dull tooth pain started Thursday morning on the right side. It wasn't too bad until about 10:00pm it started to get worse and worse. The whole right side of my face was in terrible pain. I did a few different types of energy healing techniques that would make the pain subside but it would start up again. A friend gave me an idea to try out so I did. Almost instantly the pain located at the area of infection (the area of tooth decay) went away and the throbbing pain soon followed.

Commentary: It seems that the terrible, almost unbearable pain felt in the area of the tooth in question is caused by the bacteria (you may have already known this). When I did the energy healing technique to specifically get rid of the bacteria the pain stopped instantly.

Just to be clear I want to let you know I've never felt this kind of pain before because I've never had a cavity before (well I have one other cavity but it has never caused any pain) so I didn't know what was going on. It felt like half my head was in a vice grip. I became a little scared, in fact, because I didn't know what I was going to do.

After all the pain went away I felt a soreness in the jaw beneath the tooth whenever I bit down. I figured this would go away by the next day.

Friday & Saturday, January 10 & 11, 2014
The pain beneath the tooth still hurt whenever I bit down. It began to get worse and remained this way throughout the day Friday and Saturday.

On Saturday I looked up what this pain could be on the internet. I just figured it would go away by itself at some point. I found information that made me believe it was an abscess which made sense because it felt like a knot under the gums. I kept biting down, like grinding my teeth which I don't usually do, because of an urge to do so and this may have aggravated it some causing more pain. What was a little weird was that sometimes the knot seemed to go away (maybe the teeth grinding sort of flattened it out temporarily) and I felt a twinge of pain. Other times it felt more painful.

Saturday night (as well as Sunday morning) I tried an energy healing technique to specifically shrink the abscess but it didn't seem to make much of a difference. Or did it? Maybe it did but it just took a while to manifest.

Sunday, January 12, 2014
Sunday morning the pain was still there whenever I bit down so I decided to try something I read about the night before on draining an abscess. I couldn't see the abscess because it was beneath the gums so I tried sticking a sterile needle into the hole of the tooth. It took me a few tries but I finally got it down deep into the gums. I don't believe I hit the abscess though, if that was even what it was because nothing seemed to drain out, just a little bit of blood. Then I just decided to give up and see how it felt later.

I went out for a couple hours, grocery shopping, on Sunday and when I got back I realized I had forgotten about it completely. When I did remember I purposely bit down to see how it would feel and to my surprise I felt nothing, no knot at all.

Later I felt a little bit of soreness but the knot seemed to be mostly gone.

Monday & Tuesday, January 13 & 14, 2014
The gum soreness felt much better on these two days and on Tuesday I barely felt anything at all. It felt so much better on Tuesday that I could even chew on that side when I wasn't able to before. As of Tuesday the area is sometimes a tiny bit sore but I think that will go away soon.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014
All soreness has gone away and the tooth feels as if nothing has ever happened.

In conclusion, I believe this experiment was very successful. Not only was I able to quickly get rid of the pain by killing (supposedly) the bacteria, I don't have to go to the dentist, well not until I want to get the tooth fixed. The next experiment to try out is getting rid of the tooth decay. I've already started on this experiment so we will have to wait a while to see what happens.

Read Bacteria, Virus, and Fungal Infection Healing Service for information on how I can help you with tooth pain and abscesses.
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