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September 17, 2014

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Financial Abundance Energy Healing Sessions

Melanie B - 1:20 AM

Energy healing can often help tremendously in turning financial problems around or if there are no problems then it helps you to have even more financial abundance in your life.

With my financial abundance healing sessions results may be had within days or weeks after starting. You may find opportunities present themselves such as an offer of your dream job or a job that may not be your first choice but if you're willing to see it through could lead to something better. By being open to possibilities usually overlooked you may meet someone with connections to more preferable work.

Money making ideas may present themselves without you looking for them, jobs may open up, financial windfalls may come unexpectedly such as promotions and bonuses at work and much more.

During and even after I've completed the number of days of energy healing sessions for your financial abundance you've purchased you may see your sales increase or job prospects increase. When I do it for you, on your behalf, it works much faster and better than any other method I have available right now.

In certain cases, after I have completed your financial abundance energy healing sessions, sales may begin to decrease over time. There are several reasons for this and I talk more about the reasons in this article, Energy Healing Clears Energetic Blockages for A Better Life.

Problems with finances and a slowing of financial abundance are caused by your own beliefs about money and your own energy flow. Stagnant and blocked energy within your energy body causes a multitude of problems in all areas of your life. Among other things, negative beliefs about money also causes blockages in your energy body which lead to financial problems.

If you have positive and non-conflicting ideas about money, as well as a positive outlook on most of the other things in your life, you may not need the financial abundance service I'm offering here because these positive beliefs help to keep your energy in a state of balance and flow. But because lots of people do have negative ideas and beliefs about money, as well as negative beliefs about many other things, it causes energetic blockages and major problems with financial abundance.

Keeping Your Energy System Balanced Increases your Financial Abundance
If you do not do meditation for yourself often or if you do not have someone else do it for you your energy begins to become sluggish or even blocked over time, which is actually the reason for many physical ailments, causing a domino effect in many other areas of life.

When I do the energy healing for your financial abundance it temporarily blasts through the blockages you have to making and receiving money and this is why you can have a temporary increase in your finances.

If you do not meditate or do other energy healing work on yourself those blockages begin to build up again placing you right back in the same place you were before.

Because you have not actually worked through the blockages caused by negative beliefs and because you also have a stagnation of energy in your energy body you will find that you become stuck again and the increase in sales or jobs may decrease. This is normal and you should definitely continue to work on yourself to find and clear those blockages so that they no longer stand in your way or you can let me meditate on your behalf to clear those blockages for you.

Another good week...thank you Melanie!
~ horus1123

Great! Blessings are coming in...thank you for this great service!
~ horus1123

Fantastic service! Best gig on the net...thank you!
~ horus1123

Some money I was expecting came to me quicker than originally thought...Great Service! Thank you!
~ horus1123

Positive energy flowing into my finances. I can feel it and we are receiving interest in our realty property
~ binarylove

I cant say enough positive comments about Melanie. I purchased this and within a day I have already had 2 interested tenants in a property my father and I have been trying to lease for years. No deal yet, but at least some momentum and interest. Cant say enough thanks!
~ binarylove

While I await tangible results,seller is upbeat and trustworthy.Only seller I have bought twice from.
~ kirk126

Agree or not , but I turned a lost order to a profitable one , and made USD 115 .
~ shahjahan

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When you purchase I will do 2 sessions per day for the amount of days of your choice. You may leave a message in the Note To Seller section as you checkout through PayPal with any specific intention you would like to manifest. For example, you can ask for a better job offer, a pay raise, prize winnings, more customers for your business, more sales, etc. You can ask for anything related to business and money here.

Remember, the longer you continue these Financial Abundance Energy Healing Sessions the better your results will be.

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